Dr. Qi Zhao is a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

His research interests include quantum simulation, quanutm computing, resource theory, self-testing quantum information, and entanglement detection.

He is interested in any fundamental problem in quantum information, and the practical applications of quantum computers.

He received his PhD degree from Tsinghua University in Dec. 2018.

Then he became a postdoctoral researcher in University of Science and Technology, China from Jan. 2019 to Oct. 2019.

In Dec. 2019, he joined University Of Maryland QuICS as a Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow in quantum information science.

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Dec 2023

Our project, "Demonstrable and verifiable quantum advantage for sampling, simulation and communication," in collaboration with Prof. Lijian Zhang, Prof. Penghui Yao from Nanjing University, and Prof. Zhengfeng Ji from Tsinghua University, has been awarded funding from the NSFC Theoretical Physics Frontier Leading Project.

Dec 2023

Our project, "Empowering Hong Kong Finance with A Quantum Algorithm Platform", in collaboration with HKUST and HKBU teams, has been funded HK$6,900,000 by the RGC Research Impact Fund (RIF).

Nov 2023

Our project, "Practical Quantum Dynamics Simulation - Theory and Application," in collaboration with Prof. Xiao Yuan from Peking University, has been awarded HK$1,233,750 by the NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme.

Oct 2023

Dr. Tianfeng Feng join the group as a Postdoctoral Fellow from Sun Yat-sen University.

Sep 2023

Yue Wang join the group as a PhD student with HKU-PS from Imperial College London.

Aug 2023

Our project, "Robust Self-Testing of Many-Body Entanglement," has been awarded HK$ $804,378 by the RGC Early Career Scheme (ECS).

Aug 2023

Our project, "Quantum Entangled Subspace and Its Applications," has been awarded funding from the NSFC Young Scientists Fund.

Jul 2023

Jue Xu join the group as a PhD student from the University of Maryland.

Mar 2023

Our project, "Hamiltonian Simulation Algorithms with Physical Inputs and Observables," has been awarded funding from the GD-NSF General Programme.

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